API to create PDF files in the cloud in a extremely easy and efficient way in .Net, Asp.net MVC and PHP

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Easy to use

Create PDF from .Net Razor Views in just one line of code. Or use a powerful client in PHP.

Customer first

Always by your side to give the best experience to your users.

Works everywhere

Create PDF from four endpoints in three continents.

Made for cloud

Our systems are based on Microsft Azure. Optimized for Azure Web Apps (Websites).

Always on

Our infrastructure complies with Azure SLA requirements to achieve at least 99.95% availability.

Proven heritage

RotativaHQ is built by the creator of the popular .Net Rotativa PDF library and Nuget package.

Best performance

A dedicated communication protocol and smart leverage on Azure resources yield the best performance in creating PDF files.


Every aspect is secured by 2048 bit SSL encryption. Users download PDF files directly from one of 4 different Azure Storage data centers in a secure and private way.

Developer friendly

There is no need to use absolute URL in web page components (img, css, font). Creating PDF files on local machine is transparent.

Feel free to contact us by writing to info@rotativahq.com for details and requests and get updated by following us on twitter: @RotativaHQ