We are pleased to announce the availability of three new RotativaHQ endpoints to enable creating and downloading PDF files closer to you and your users.

Endpoints available are now in:

  • Azure EU North - Ireland
  • Azure US West - California
  • Azure US East - Virginia
  • Azure Southeast Asia - Singapore

To use/change endpoint you don’t need to set anything in your account area in rotativahq.com. Changing the RotativaUrl setting in the Web.config file will be enough (for the rest of the configuration read the instructions). You can change when you want to and how many times you want. API authentication and logging is distributed but ends up in the same central database so all logs and counters will be unified between different endpoints. Again, you don’t need to do anything special other then choose the closest endpoint and set it in the web.config. Beware that since initial distribution of data is done during the very first request, it can be rather slow but from the second one on it will benefit from the distributed system.

We should be able to add three more endpoints soon. I am considering installing in Azure Brazil, India and Australia. I yet have to choose what exact region (data center) for India and Australia. If you have any preference please let me know ASAP, thanks!